7 Reasons Why WordPress Is best for Small Businesses

wordpress for small business

WordPress is a functionally rich, easy to use platform for small business websites. Through strong coding and solid architecture, WordPress has become the perfect CMS for creating user-friendly, SEO websites that effortlessly adapt for tablets and smartphones.

WordPress operates over 25% of the world’s websites and 65% of CMS driven websites which shows it has quickly become the CMS of choice for organizations of all sizes.

Let’s discuss the 7 reasons why WordPress is best for your small business website.

Easy Installation and Quick Website Setup

You don’t need to be an expert with servers or hosting as it doesn’t require hardcore skills. With hosting plans, you simply choose WordPress when setting up your account and they’ll install it for you. Or if you choose a managed WordPress hosting plan, you don’t have to lift a finger at all. They specialize in WordPress, so it’s already installed, setup, configured and optimized before you finish signing up for a plan. Even better, managed hosts take care of your installation for you so you can focus on business not your server.

After installation, you will have a wide array of features and functionality which help you with website development. WordPress’ clean, informative and easy to use dashboard makes website setup easy for even brand new users.

User-Friendly Interface

Basically, WordPress is created so that all technical and non-technical people can take advantage of it. This is what makes it highly demanding all over the globe. Another important fact of it is that it is quite interactive and user-friendly which allows users to easily create web pages, menus, posts, forms and even let them manage media like videos and images with ease & convenience.

Huge Variety of Themes

There are thousands of free themes available on in the WordPress.org theme directory. All of these themes are beautifully designed and can be integrated to create an interactive website.

In addition to free options there are thousand more premium WordPress theme that you can choose from to build your website. Premium themes often come with added features plus support from the developer. If you’re looking for one theme that can do it all checkout, which includes an easy to use drag and drop page builder, lots of simple visual live customization options (colors, fonts, etc) and a bunch of ready made web templates that you can import with just a few clicks. But there are also tons of other niche specific themes on the web for charities, accounting, restaurants and more that can be found on GetMyWebsiteNow.com theme directory. For this reason, small businesses choose WordPress as they can find and use the design which exactly suits their brand.

Plugins to Extend Functionality

In order to add some more functionality to your website, you can take help of WordPress plugins that are available over the web. Like the themes, there are thousands of pre-developed plugins stored in the WordPress plugin directory and there are even more premium plugins available. Plugins are generally easy to use and install, plus they help to add additional functionality to your website.

Secure Platform

Website security is vital for businesses and so it is important that the platform you choose to build your site is as secure as possible. No platform is ever 100% impregnable but WordPress has lots of advantages when it comes to protecting your data and keeping hackers at bay.

As the world’s most used website platform, there is an army of developers and security specialists working to make sure all updates are vulnerability free. When vulnerabilities do occur, they are usually found and dealt with very quickly. For your protection, most WordPress updates take place automatically without you needing to do anything.

SEO Optimized

Search engine optimisation is one of the most important things website owners need to do to help their sites rank well on Google and other search engines. Having a website without search engine optimization is quite similar to having no website at all. Today, everyone builds a website by keeping SEO perspectives in mind. This problem has been resolved with WordPress. Websites developed on WordPress are by default SEO optimized as the structure it follows is already acknowledged by the search engines. Also there are tons of great guides and plugins to help you further optimize your onsite SEO for better ranking.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Your choice of web host and hosting package is very important when it comes to running a WordPress website. WordPress has its own quirks and that means that some host’s servers aren’t configured to get the best performance out of it.

A Managed WordPress hosting package will be configured in the correct way and this will help ensure that your site can perform at the top of its game. It also means your WordPress site will be less vulnerable to intrusion, have less downtime, load faster and be able to perform all the functions you want it to.


For any small or startup business, looking to establish a strong web presence can be tough. It can be a serious issue since having a great online presence can come with costs, time and effort which they can’t afford. So the easy and obvious solution to all these concerns is WordPress.