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WordPress Backup Plugins

Best WordPress Backup plugins

Creating WordPress backups is the very best thing that you can do to help your site. Backups will help save you in situations once your site gets hacked and offer you peace of mind or you accidentally lock yourself out. There are numerous free and paid backup plugins for WordPress, and most of them ...
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Wordpress 5.0 and gutenberg editor

How to Disable Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg is a new default WordPress editor which will replace the old classic WordPress editor. While it is new, a lot of users are finding it hard to use and would prefer to keep the classic editor. If you’re not sure if your site is ready for Gutenberg, then the next best thing is to disable [...
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The Best RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress

Adding an RSS aggregation plugin to your company’s website is a handy way to keep visitors and customers abreast of relevant information being posted elsewhere on the Internet. A number of RSS aggregation plugins are available for download from the official WordPress Plugin Directory. Look at ...
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Parallax Effects

How to Add a Parallax Effect to WordPress Theme

Looks like parallax effect is the must-have detail of every up to date popular design feature that is commonly used on WordPress websites. Each business owner wants it for their online project to attract customers attention and engage more clients. Usually, you can see parallax scrolling effect on h...
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