Why is WordPress the Best CMS for web Development?

wordpress best cms


We know that all businesses need to have an online presence in order to survive in this competitive world. A professionally made website can help a business to increase its chances of becoming successful. There are a lot of website builders who are available in the market in order to make your own website for any business. WordPress is the best for this purpose.

Most of us have head about WordPress which is an open source CMS or content management system. Numerous people are working on this system to make it friendlier to the users. As a result of this, open source CMS is now quite easy to use. You can create your own website within a short period of time. Even if you don’t have any experience and any technical expertise, you can find a lot of tutorials which are available on the web when it comes to web development on WordPress. Also, WordPress is consistently bringing many more updates which pushes it in the direction of being the best CMS available at present.

It doesn’t matter what particular kind of website you wish to create. You can easily develop any website with WordPress or hire a WordPress development company. With the use of the right WordPress plugins for website building, you can create any website that you desire. There are no limitations in this aspect. You can easily develop any website for your business for a variety of purposes.

There are a plethora of reasons why WordPress is considered to be the best CMS for web development. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Wide range of User base

In case you don’t know, WordPress isn’t only for the bloggers. It is meant for everyone. For small businesses to bigger one, anyone can use this for online website building. You may get confused WordPress with www.wordpress.com. WordPress is an open source CMS which you can easily download from www.wordpress.org. While www.wordpress.com is essentially a service which provides you the means to create personal websites. The major different is the source of hosting. In case of WordPress software, you can easily get to host any website of your own. In case you are hosting your own website, you can easily control everything. You are in total control and ultimate decision maker. You can easily create as well as manage your content. You can easily design your website in any way you want. There aren’t any restrictions of any type when it comes to the range of things you can do with this software. It means that you can easily choose WordPress as it saves a lot of time and more. It is costlier to develop a website from scratch. WordPress helps in bringing the cost down. Each person has a different taste and choice. One doesn’t have to select from any pre-existing theme. One can simple create own theme according to his requirement. However, WordPress provides multiple themes for the beginners too. A lot of people from different domains and industries are now using WordPress as CMS for their small businesses. WordPress is a powerful software which fulfils the needs of every type of users.

2. Multiple Themes and Plugins

The most salient feature of WordPress is that it offers thousands of pre-designed themes to its user. The user can easily select the theme which suits his business requirement and create a website. There are themes available for all types of businesses. Along with these themes, there are a plethora of plugins which are available. These plugins help in controlling the content, designing the website, uploading images and videos, analytics and optimisation of the website. A business can hire WordPress expert in order to build a website with these themes and plugins. He can also design themes according to the requirements of your business. WordPress also has thousands of various responsive themes. It is quite useful as most of the users are using mobile phones. A website should respond according to demand of the users when they are using the website. A responsive website is more SEO friendly and ranks higher on the search engines. It is because the website becomes more accessible for the mobile users as well as search engines to display them.

3. SEO Friendliness

SEO is quite important for the success of any website but most of the people don’t understand its important. But in order to survive as well as get to the target audience, the business need SEO. There is no point of having a website if no one is visiting it. WordPress is great when it comes to addition of content. It means that the content can easily be made interesting as well as SEO friendly. One use to have the most relevant keywords in the content as well as URL in order to make the website more SEO friendly. The coding behind the theme can easily be more SEO friendly. If you hire WordPress expert, he will use his knowledge for a clean as well as SEO infused coding.

4. Security

WordPress is quite a safe and secure platform for any business to invest in. WordPress has its own dedicated team of people who are responsible for making the website safe from different types of malicious attacks, hacking and viruses. WordPress development company takes special care in developing websites which are both safe to use and secure from data breaches.

5. Free of Cost

WordPress is available for free. One doesn’t have to pay anything in order to install this software. It also provides freedom to the users. The user has complete freedom regarding the usage of the software. He can easily modify the website accordingly. You can easily build upon this particular software and use it in any particular that you wish. However, there are some features for which you need to pay for instance CSS modification. In case of other powerful features, you may have to spend a small amount of money.


WordPress is quite easy to use, and one doesn’t need to have technical expertise and experience. There are thousands of pre-designed themes for you to work with and you can start without hiring any web developer. In case you require additional support you hire WordPress expert. WordPress is without a doubt the best CMS when it comes to web development.